The first Drive-to-Purchase

Marketing Automation

Target your audience with online advertising campaigns

Foster customer loyalty and/or acquisition by engaging with the right audience through different channels (newsletter, social media, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SMS, etc.). Our platform will help you drive them to your stores and make them buy!

Smart User Experience

Improve ROI thanks to contextualized experiences

Users will be offered a contextualized game experience powered by our "Intelligence Layer". Data is analyzed and then segmented to define the best configuration to improve your KPIs.


Launch campaigns everywhere

Our platform is natively hosted on the cloud. It is designed to scale from 1 store to thousands of venues. Our response time is always fast, wherever you launch your campaigns.


Nothing but the best standards

Customer data is encrypted every step of the way by our crypto-algorithms
Our systems are designed to prevent hacking (ex. botnet attacks) thanks to our web application firewall and fingerprinting technologies
Traffic is constantly monitored so that any anomaly can be reported in real-time
Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are handled at level 4 of Amazon Web Services (AWS) load-balancers
Our platform is audited by certified cybersecurity experts to make sure we are compliant with the highest security standards (end of 2018)
Our lottery algorithm is being certified by eCOGRA: an independent non-profit organization (end of 2018)

Machine Learning Engine

Increase your revenues thanks to your powerful algorithm

Our in-house tracker collects beharioral data as well as user data to feed our Machine Learning Engine for on-going improvement

Business Intelligence

Analyze your campaigns
in real-time

With our platform, your business analysts can measure the campaigns performances in real-time to optimize them continuously

Predictive Marketing

Make projections with our intelligent analysis tools

Let the system decide the best experience and define the most suitable configuration thanks to our machine-learning algorithms that analyze business hours, customer data and business metrics in real time

Start your campaign in less than 48 hoursship