About Bubbles

We are Location-based Marketing experts since 2014. In 2017, we have launched the first Drive-to-Purchase platform based on Gamification to help Retailers boost their in-store sales.

We operate both in Europe and North-America from our 3 offices located in France, Canada and Poland.

We are supported by prestigious investors and Board members such as Didier Quillot (GM for the French Soccer League, former CEO at Orange), Franck Le Ouay (co-founders at Criteo), Jean-Marc Le Roux (MD at Bain&co) and Axel Rückert (former GM at Philips Electronics)

Our Team

We are proud to introduce you to the talents behind our Drive-to-Purchase platform.
Christophe Vattier
Christophe Eblé
Julien Galtier
EVP North America
Kevin Crouvizier
VP Product
François Audo
Head of Sales
Jonathan Gautheron
VP Engineering
Morgane Lottmann
Key Account Manager
Raphael Dutoit
UX/UI designer
Tristan Ramos
Key Account Manager
Karol Gorecki
Software Engineer
Adrien Gonzalo
Business Developer
Antoine Moquereau
Software Engineer
Piotr Kubisa
Software Engineer
Simon Jolivet
Business Developer
Simon Biossac
Business Developer